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Trust Election 2022

Your Questions Answered

Prior to the election hustings, members of the Supporters' Trust were invited to submit questions to each of this year's candidates.

The questions are listed below, and to view the answers provided, click on the candidate name at the bottom of the page.  

Q1. This is set to be a largely all-male board for the first time in a long time. With the fantastic growth of the City Women’s team, how are you going to continue and expand on our commitment to Women’s football and ensure Exeter City will still
be leaders off the pitch when tackling sexism and other forms of discrimination at St James Park and on social media? And with reports of discrimination at the Bristol Rovers home game, what further policies would you put in place to ensure
girls feel safe and welcome at SJP?

Q2. Whilst accepting that such an event would almost certainly mean a vote of the membership, if, at some point, a certified viable and substantial offer came forward to invest in the club, from an individual, or a group, what would be your
personal position, should the said investor wish to gain majority control of the club as a prerequisite of such investment?

Q3. Given the Trust’s stated aim “to make the match-day experience at Exeter City FC a premier experience, unrivalled by our competitors” and recent improvements to the fan experience in both the Adam Stansfield Stand undercroft and Selco Stand Hospitality area would you support the need for improving the fan experience in both the Park Building and external Fan Zone eg

  • Improve ventilation / reduce overcrowding in the Famous Exeter City Real Ale and Cider Emporium Bar / provide a sales point direct into the Fanzone;

  • Provide cover to and somewhere to put drinks on in the Fan Zone;

  • Provide better facilities for those providing entertainment in the Fan Zone ?

If not, why not ?

Q4. How many Trust meetings have you attended in the last 12 months?  Do you have any family or financial ties to Exeter City AFC or any other potential conflicts of interest?

Q5. What action do you intend to take to finally sort the Stagecoach bar serving issues? There is always an unacceptable wait to be served, especially at half time. If you leave at the half time whistle you are unlikely to be served before the
second half starts. The club is clearly losing revenue as many people simply give up waiting. One solution maybe to start serving before the half time whistle, i.e. anticipate the demand?

Q6. In the last year what 3 key things have you done actively support the Trust?

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