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CCT | Creating Connections

Updated: Mar 6, 2021

Our friends at Exeter CITY Community Trust are developing some exciting programmes to help people remain connected through the lockdown.

They have recently been awarded funding from the National Lottery to support their ‘Creating

Connections’ project and, throughout this project, they will be running lots of different activities to help people stay in touch and make new friends.

Jack Watts, operations manager at CITY Community Trust, said: “There have been many

challenges for us all as a result of the pandemic, but our work in the community has really

underlined to us just how many people are experiencing isolation.

“The Creating Connections project, is just that, designed to bring people together around

mutual interests and reduce that feeling of isolation which is all too familiar for so many of us

at the moment.”

If you enjoy writing letters, why not join the programme’s pen pal scheme? Or you might enjoy a regular phone call from a volunteer. Virtual activities, include wildlife sessions with the Devon Wildlife Trust and exercise sessions, are also on offer!

For more information about joining one of the activities or to volunteer for CITY Community

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