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Match Sponsor | Northampton Town

In a tradition that started a couple of years ago the Trust Sponsors the home match against Northampton and they reciprocate when we visit there.

As part of the match Sponsorship package we get a number of hospitality places included and we give two of these to representatives from Northampton and then eight (in pairs) to four Trust members who’s names are drawn at random from the membership database alongside the Director for a Day draw.

Those who accepted the hospitality offers, with their guests, are:

  • Steve and Linda Ayers

  • Martyn and Bev Ashmead

  • Richard Lewis and Jonathan Underhill

  • Archie Palmer and Dan Hodges

Our Directors for the day against Carlisle United

were Maureen and Martin Stoolman

In addition to those about the following the following seventeen were on the potential winners’ list: Dave Gorman; Robert Gee; Ranjan Mukerjee; Kirk Hammett; John Harcourt; Lyn Eveleigh; Ray Thompson; Chris Penny; Daniel Hooper; Steve Frise; Andrew Mark Wills; Rob Phillips; Karen Eakers; Teresa Fuller; and Jon Huxley.

The geographical spread of the twenty drawn out for this match was two each in Honiton and Torquay; and one each in Bristol; Wincanton; Southampton; Woodbury Salterton; Chard; Mumbai; Cullompton; Bracknell; Newton Abbott; Derby; Walton; Bridport; Godalming; Gloucester; and Blandford Forum.

All except one had phone numbers shown (though one didn’t ring and one had a typo in it) and all but two had email addresses although another one had a new email address to add.

Please remember that if you were lucky enough to be drawn we have to contact you quite quickly so up to date details are essential and also the ability for the Trust to contact you via e-mail saves them money which means more available to pass on to the club.

In addition, if you don't have an up-to-date e-mail address or phone number then you run the risk of me not being able to get hold of you in time, so why not check and update them (if necessary) yourself?

Go to

If you have never logged in then you can find out your details by e-mailing to get your login and current details to check. Use the same address to join us if you're not yet a Trust member of it you'd like to buy Trust membership as a Christmas gift.

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