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Salford City game to mark Level Playing Field's 'Weeks of Action 2022'

Supporters Trust and Disabled Supporters Association lend support to national campaign

The Supporters Trust is proud to announce that City's League Two fixture with Salford City on March 12 will celebrate Level Playing Field's Weeks of Action campaign.

The campaign, which is organised by Level Playing Field, will highlight the issues of fans with unseen disabilities and how the Exeter City Disabled Supporters Association can support them.

This year’s ‘Weeks of Action’ runs from February 26 to March 13 with City marking the day to coincide with the clash with the Ammies.

The aim is to show how the the club plans to support people with unseen disabilities and to remind people what the club has in place to support fans.

The Club will be welcoming a team from the Deaf Academy in Exeter to the game, which will also be the teams first visit to St James Park.

Nick Saunders, Disabled Liaison Officer at City, has recently stepped down and Jeanne Jones, who will now take up the role, has thanked him for his service.

"I would like to pay a massive thank you to Nick after many years of hard work putting in place many facilities for disabled supporters. I have stepped into his shoes. I have worked with Nick for many years on the committee of ECDSA and, with his support hope to follow in his footsteps. "

In the Matchday Programme there will be an extended interview with City fan Paul who is currently suffering with early stages of Dementia.

Paul has agreed to join the ECDSA committee to help with understanding what the club can do to improve his matchday experience and that of other sufferers. The club is active in the training of their stewards on dementia awareness which will be included in their training.

Level Playing Field believes that disabled fans are an important part of the game. Everyone here at Exeter City and the Supporters Trust echoes that sentiment. By getting involved and by promoting access and inclusion we are helping make a big difference to supporters with disabilities everywhere enjoying their match day experience and the beautiful game that is football.

Football, as the nation’s favourite game has a key leadership role in promoting access, tackling discrimination and ensuring everyone has the opportunity, and ability to enjoy the game.

It makes good sense to provide an inclusive environment with the clubs continued working partnership with the Disabled Supporters Association and the One game, One Community group who do great work in ensuring that supporters with disabilities as well as other minority groups, can have an enjoyable match day experience and ’a voice to be heard’ at the club.

You can join Level Playing Field for their 2022 Weeks of Action @ #OurMatchday @lpftweets or

For more details on the clubs facilities and football training for those with disabilities through the Exeter City Community Trust please visit the following websites:

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