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Stadium Tours Are Back… again!

Following a brief hiatus due to lockdown, our Covid-friendly Stadium Tours are now back on...

Whilst the fans are not yet able to return to St James Park to watch the City play, we are again able to provide visits to the Park by offering places on the revamped Supporters' Trust Stadium Tour.

As in the past, tours will be on a matchday Saturday starting at 11.00am - meeting in Red Square - and whilst we can't visit the boardroom, the players’ changing rooms, match officials’ facilities and the security hub there is still plenty to see and learn about the history of our club while we take you on a trip around the perimeter of the pitch and share many of the displays produced by the ECFC Museum team.

To comply with COVID requirements numbers on tours are limited to five but, if required, more than one tour can take place on the day. If you have not done the tour before - or are just simply missing the old place - then this is a great opportunity to come home and, almost certainly, learn something new about the ground and our club's fascinating story. To book your places, simply contact reception on: call 01392 411243, or email David Luxton on:

Also, if you would like a guided tour on an alternative day, then please feel welcome to contact David to see what can be arranged.

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