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Supporters' Trust: 20 in '23 Celebrations: Work Parties.

In February we are remembering the many supporter work parties that began in 2003 as we tried to repair the damage caused to St James Park & to our Training Ground from years of neglect by our former owners.

Here’s an account written after one such weekend, written by Pete Bishop, who was central to galvanizing support at that time –

“May 7th & 8th saw a great turnout at St James Park for some serious paint application. We painted all the gates & turnstiles in the Old Grandstand & Big Bank plus the posts along the Jungle Path.

Adrian Sproston, as ever, provided the paint party’s organisational skills which enabled the best to be made of the considerable work force.

A delivery of pasties & cakes from Shaul’s Bakery on Saturday meant we had plenty of food to eat, but disappointment on Sunday – no delivery. A phone call revealed the food was supposed to last us for the whole weekend!

Alex Inglethorpe has asked us to make changes at the Cat & Fiddle ( now named the Cliff Hill ) Training Ground. We will remove a partition wall to create a canteen area.

At present the players go home after training, but providing a space for them to eat together will improve team togetherness.

It was an enjoyable weekend. The days are rewarding & a lovelier bunch of people you'd be hard pushed to find. We’re no longer a Club with crippling debts , just a Club with no money – it really is up to us to do all we can to take Exeter City FC forwards. Up the City!

Next work party 11th & 12th June, Cat & Fiddle. “

0n Sunday 19th February 2023 we came full circle. Veteran work party volunteers, including Pete & Adrian, met to have one last photo with the old Cliff Hill building they helped to preserve before it is demolished next week.

Pete's final sentence still rings true - it is up to us, as owners, to do all we can to take Exeter City FC forwards , an we continue to do so, our new Cliff Hill Training Centre is proof of that.

Many elements have come together to make the building a reality, including the success of Kit out the Cliff with £63,000 donated by you, to equip the building. Thank you once again.

Now, our players will have a huge, well equipped canteen serving nutritional meals designed to enhance their performance, with huge windows overlooking the pitches- a far cry from the “canteen area” created by those work party volunteers.

20 years as owners & there’s still work to do to take our Club forward.

Thanks to Tom & Paul Farley for finding Pete’s article.....& to Pete for writing it!

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