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Supporting the Football Family

Some of you might have seen in the past week the desperately sad news that Barrows' captain, Lewis Hardcastle, has been forced to retire at the age of 22.

After falling ill during Barrow's game with Salford City last month, Lewis has been diagnosed with the same heart condition (ARVC) that also ended the careers of Fabrice Muamba and England Cricketer James Taylor.

As you would expect, many in the world of football - not least at Barrow - are rallying round to support Lewis and his family. Fellow team mate Brad Barry has set up a fundraising page while the Bluebirds Trust are donating the proceeds of this weekend's online raffle to Lewis.

It's never nice to see a promising career curtailed for a footballer of any age, so on behalf of Exeter City Football Club the Trust would like to send our very best wishes to Lewis, and should you wish to make a donation to help support him and his family, please click here

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