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Trust Election 2020

Now is your opportunity if you would like to seek nomination for election as a Trustee of the Exeter City AFC Supporters Society Ltd.

The following Trustees are standing down at the 2020 AGM:

· Mark Cordell

· Douglas Gillard

· Nick Hawker

· Peter Martin

Under Trust Rule 49 Nick Hawker, Doug Gillard and Pete Martin have all reached the end of their three year terms on the Trust Board. Additionally Mark Cordell has volunteered to step down under Trust Rule 51 which states that one third of Trustees must resign each year. All four of them may seek nomination for the Trust Board this year should they decide they want to.

To assist in helping you decide if you wish to seek nomination to stand for election, an information pack that explains the role of a Trust Board member and the Election Campaigning Policy can be found here along with the arrangements for completing a valid nomination form.

All proposers must allow for the nomination form to physically reach the Returning Officer by noon on Saturday, October 17.

In addition, should an potential proposers have any doubt on their membership status or details then please contact us via asap.

Following on from comments received following the 2019 election the Hustings will be the initial event of the election campaign. The voting period will not commence until after the hustings.

The hustings will take place on Saturday, November 7.

At this stage it is not possible to say whether the hustings will be held in person or via Zoom. It is planned to record the hustings and for it to be made available for those not able to attend in person.

If you have any questions or would like further information, please email the Trust Secretary at

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