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📝 TRUST STATEMENT: Thatcher's Big Bank

April 1, 2022

The Exeter City Supporters Society Ltd is excited to announce plans for redevelopment of the Big Bank at St James Park.

The £750,000 project includes installing 3,000 new rail seats; brand new programme seller huts and brightening of the yellow walkways.

A section of seats will be donated by our club sponsors Thatcher’s and will be the same colour as their popular cloudy cider range, Haze.

Behind the goal, we will be erecting a 12ft statue of Ollie Watkins, commemorating the Trust’s twentieth year owning the football club.

Trust members will be asked to vote on the plans to rename the stand from the following options.

· The Not as Big as it used to be Bank

· The Standy McStandface Stand

· The James ‘Daisy’ Bell End

Chair of the Exeter City Supporters’ Trust Nick Hawker, said:

“This is a really important development for the Big Bank. We’ve had the fantastic title of having the largest freestanding terrace in the country to which we’re so proud.

“The brilliant noise of the Big Bank which has rocked St James Park for so many years has been so welcome, but now is the time to replace the best atmosphere in League Two with a bronze statue and seats which reflect the first ever kit used by Exeter City Football Club.”

Work will begin on the Big Bank in about six minutes just after I finish this cup of tea. (Big Col and I need to sweep it before the builders get here).

Below is an artist's impression, presumably made on Microsoft Paint.

Happy April 1st everyone.

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