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Trust Update: Matt Taylor

Nick Hawker update

Nick Hawker has issued and update on the current position regarding Matt Taylor.

Rotherham United requested permission to speak with Matt last week and, after checking with Matt, we gave that consent.

Since then there has been constant communication between us and Rotherham United.

At present we are unable to provide any more information other than Jonathan Hill and Kevin Nicholson will take temporary charge of first team matters. Most of the preparation for the Southampton game was already in place and the Barnsley prep was in progress.

The mood among the players is excellent and we're ready to go for both games.

At this point, I should make you aware that throughout this process

Rotherham United have acted impeccably and we have worked together to ensure that we were properly and appropriately aligned.

Both Trust and Club media teams have prepared for various scenarios and I'm aware of a single piece of comms that was issued by the Trust and was subsequently deleted.

However, it was quickly picked up by members, supporters, and the press. It was an unfortunate accident, and an indicator of how tense things have been.

I’m happy to answer any questions that you have so please, e-mail me at

Thank you,

Nick Hawker

Chair of Exeter City Supporters’ Trust

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